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Workshop: Clapper Stick Instruments is coming to Rancho Los Cerritos on Saturday June 15, 2019.

Join us for a series of special events connected to our latest exhibit, “Tevaaxa’nga (Te-vaah-ha-nga) to Today: Stories of the Tongva People.” In this workshop, Tongva artist Craig Torres will guide participants in creating traditional clapper stick instruments from elderberry bush branches. This workshop is recommended for adults and children ages 8 and up. About[…]

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In this workshop, Rancho Los Cerritos Horticulturist Marie Barnidge-McIntyre will lead a presentation on the meanings of various flowers and herbs, and then participants can arrange their own small bouquet, called a tussie-mussie, to bring home. 

Julia Bogany, a Tongva Tribal Councilmember, will lead a special workshop where children can make necklaces and learn a few Tongva words.

Arts Council Intern Keila Rivera focuses on John Temple and the cattle ranching period at RLC. This installation is the first in a series of displays that will commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Rancho adobe’s construction.

In mid-March, Rancho Los Cerritos’ Arts Council Intern Keila Rivera installed the latest special exhibit in the library display case. The exhibit focuses on John Temple and the cattle ranching period at RLC and is the first installation in a series of displays that will commemorate the demisemiseptcentennial (175th anniversary) of the Rancho adobe’s construction.[…]

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Drawing on diaries, letters, publications, and biographies and combining theater, history, multimedia, audience interaction, and good old-fashioned story telling, She’s History! brings to life the true tales of fabulous females.

Liberation Brewing Company in Bixby Knolls has created the first in a series of beers commemorating Rancho Los Cerritos’ 175th anniversary. This special, limited release kicks off March 22 and will continue throughout the year. Each beer will be infused with fruit from the Rancho’s historic trees or inspired by its history. The first beer in[…]

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Frequent RLC visitor Jim Armfield shares his memory of researching his term paper here in 1973. These are some of the books he used in his paper.

In commemoration of Rancho Los Cerritos’ 175th Anniversary year throughout 2019, the blog will be featuring a series of stories as submitted by our followers and fans – “back in the day,” historic, nostalgic, and other tales – highlighting fun facts, personal perspectives, and other viewpoints from staff, volunteers, and visitors alike. Enjoy! Jim Armfield[…]

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