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Sewing Box, 1879
Donated by Rachel L. DeNick

Sewing boxes are containers used to hold sewing supplies like thread, needles, and buttons. This sewing box is made of walnut and pine. The shelves slide out with metal spindles for spools and thimbles.

Red child’s dress, c. 1940

This child’s dress is made out of cotton and white lace trim. The dress is red with a black geometric pattern and black velvet bow at the neck.

Darning egg, ND
Donated by Steffani Strang

Darning is a sewing technique used to repair holes or worn parts of fabric on a garment such as a sock. A darning egg is an egg-shaped tool used to stretch and support the fabric being darned.

Toy Sewing Machine, 1901
Donated by Mrs. Roy A. McMillan 

This toy sewing machine is made of iron and is painted black with gold trim. The name on the front of the machine is “Smith and Egge Automatic 1901.”

Spool of Thread, ND

This spool of thread features an American Thread Company label and it was originally white but it has turned beige as it has aged. Thread is a long, thin strand of cotton, silk, or other fibers and it is used for sewing and weaving.

Textile Fragment, ND
Donated by Ethel Cameron 

This textile fragment is a 24-inch lace piece that was possibly used to hem a child’s garment.

ND means no date or unkown date.