Table Case 1

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Teapot with ceramic, brass, and cloth components.

Manufactured in China; c. 1880

Chinese teacups; c. 1880

Earthenware incense burner used in religious ceremonies, ancestor veneration, and traditional Chinese medicine; c. 1890

Donated by Emilie Fong

Spatula used to stir incense; c. 1890

Donated by Emilie Fong

Ivory chopsticks; undated

Donated by Clarence L. Dixon

Earthenware soy sauce bottle, excavated in San Francisco’s Chinatown; c. 1880s

Donated by Steve Iverson

Chinese soup spoon; 1891


Chinese-manufactured tea caddy, wicker basket with burlap cover, used for keeping teapot warm; 1891

Donated by Clarence M. Dixon