Beauty Tools

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Hand mirror and Hairbrush set, 1890–1905
Donated by Stephen J. Grosscup

This silver-plated hand mirror and hairbrush features an image in high relief on its back and handle. The image is of a figure of a woman, flowers, and scrolls.

Hand mirror, ND
Donated by Stephen J. Grosscup

This silver-plated hand mirror includes a raised design on its back and handle, in the art deco style. The initial “K” is engraved in a scripted font on the back of the mirror.

Hand mirror, ND
Donated by Lyda Garrison Lucas

Silver hand mirror with heavily embossed back featuring the engraved initial “E” in the center.

Curling iron, 1880
Loan from Joseph O. Hickox

This specialized curling iron is referred to as a “hair pincher.” Note the ball-shaped pinchers, possibly used for mustaches. The handle is wrapped in strips of muslin to protect hands from the heat of the iron.

Curling iron, ND
Donated by Frank H. Richey

Curling iron with spring-action closure, made up of an iron cylinder with a half sleeve on one side and a wooden handle to protect the hands. After heating up the iron, hair would be wrapped around the cylinder and closed in half sleeve to curl.

Curling pins, ND
Donated by Florence L. Bixby

Two metal curling or crisping pins, used for creating elaborate pin curls in the hair.

Hair clippers, 1920–1932

These hand-operated hair clippers are made up of silver-colored plated steel. The user would press the two handles together and release the spring to move the teeth on the upper blade.