Ranchos Walk

Get ready for the #RanchosWalk!

Coming up September 14th is the Annual Ranchos Walk from Rancho Los Cerritos to Rancho Los Alamitos. Bust out those walking shoes and get ready to train! Use your favorite step counting app to see how many times you can get to 9 miles before September. Every time you do, share a screenshot with us using #RanchosWalk.

What is the Ranchos Walk?

Step Into the Stream of History to experience Long Beach’s urban habitats through this year’s water theme! Participants will follow the crest trail that links Rancho Los Alamitos and Rancho Los Cerritos, choosing between the 9-, 6-, or 3-mile hike options. The post-walk celebration at Rancho Los Cerritos will feature music, games and activities, food, and drinks.

Registration information and more specific details to come.