Meet the Rancho Interns: Rosy

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A number of curatorial interns come through Rancho Los Cerritos’ green gates every semester, from colleges in Long Beach and across Southern California. At the Rancho, they help with preservation, documentation, and even the creation of exhibits. This month: meet Rosana Anguiano.

Education info:
BFA Drawing and Painting
What led you to pursue an internship at the Rancho?
I’m a Fine Arts major and I became interested other possible career paths related to the arts. I began volunteering in art museums and various arts organizations. I felt that my strengths and interests lied in collections and curatorial departments.
What were some of the tasks you did while interning here?
A little bit of everything. I have helped install cases, created a small exhibition in the library, photography, data entry, inventory, and archiving. There were some fun and unexpected things I helped with, such as wheat pasting giant images on the walls of the Expo Arts Center for First Fridays and decorating for Christmas.
What were you most surprised about during your internship?
I was surprised on a daily basis by the history I learned so much about California, the Bixby family, and the Victorian era. I was constantly exclaiming “wow, that so cool”, “fascinating” and “interesting”.
What was your favorite part of the internship?
The Ranch house was wonderful. I love the idea on an alternative museum space. It was a great environment including the people I got to work with. It had an overall great atmosphere.
What was the most interesting artifact you came across while working on exhibits?
There were a lot! But I had to choose one… I would say marbled dyed books. I found a series of beautiful books where the marbling inside looked brand new.
What are your hobbies/passions?
Painting, photography, cooking and knitting. I’m also really big on D.I.Y. projects. When I am not creating something I love binge-watching shows on Netflix.
What are your plans after completing your internship?
I want to continue pursing a career as an archivist or registrar.

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