Fanny Bixby Spencer

Fanny Bixby Spencer 1879 - 1930

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Letter, 1930

Handwritten letter to her cousin Sarah Bixby Smith, written by Fanny Bixby Spencer shortly before her death on March 31, 1930. Even at the end of her life Spencer remained committed to expressing her opinions regarding social equality. As she wrote in the letter, she felt deep admiration for a young man who opposed the Spanish-American War.

Book, ca. 1920 

Donated by the Long Beach Public Library

The Jazz of Patriotism is a play authored by Fanny Bixby Spencer. In keeping with her political sentiments, the work expresses an anti-war stance. Interior bookplate reads: “Presented by James C. Heartwell” and features a stamp from Acres of Books. 

WWI Parcel, ca. 1917-1918

Loan courtesy of Marcia Lee Harris

When soldiers went to war, they would often keep a parcel with them that had a perfumed handkerchief or a similar memento of a loved one at home. During World War I, Fanny Bixby Spencer was tasked with informing family members when a soldier had been killed in battle and returning his belongings. This experience was integral in shaping her strong anti-war stance.


Pamphlet, 1926

Sixteen-page pamphlet titled “Militarism in America” written by Fanny Bixby Spencer. Delivered as an address given before the Los Angeles Forum on June 6, 1926, where Fanny railed against capitalism and militarism in America. 

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