Native to Mexico, the name Jalapeño is what the Spanish called the peppers they found growing in the capital city of Veracruz. It was once known as Xalapa in the Nahuatl language, meaning from the water place.  Peppers are annuals, harvesting the green un-ripened pepper; known as Jalapeno they can be consumed fresh or pickled.  However, the Aztec allowed them to ripen and turn red before harvesting.  Then smoked and dried them, and they became known as Chipotle.  This meant they could have a range of flavors year-round to add flavor to their meals.

Caring for your Jalapeño (Capsicum annum)

  • Plant seeds in full sun, 18-24″ apart
  • Plant seeds 1/4″ deep in loosened soil OR a large pot & use fingers to press soil down
  • Water gently so soil is moist
  • Seeds should sprout in 7-21 days–continue to water
  • Plants will grow to be 18-36″ tall
  • Jalapeños are ready to pick when they are dark green and 3-5″ long
  • Pull the pepper upwards off the stem for a clean break