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 Toy stove, ND
Donated by Olga Solmitz

A child-sized version of a stove used for cooking or heating food. 

Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving, 1877

Donated by Mrs. Arnold J. Jensen

This book was written by Mary F. Henderson and she sought to teach women how to serve dishes, cook good meals, and entertain company.

Toy Whisk, ND
Donated by Olga Solmitz

This whisk is a smaller version of a utensil used to whip substances like eggs or cream. It is made of tin and has a wooden handle. 

Butter Mold, ND
Donated by Lois H. Nissen 

This press piece with a floral pattern is part of a wooden butter mold. Butter molds were a popular tool used in the 18th and 19th centuries to mold butter into different shapes and designs.

Waffle Iron, 1880
Purchased from Thompson’s Antiques

A cast iron cooking utensil designed to sit on a stove burner.

*ND means no date or unknown date.