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Rug beater, ND
Donated by Stephen C. Iverson

A rug beater is a housecleaning tool used to get rid of dust and dirt on carpets. This small rug beater is made up of two wires that are shaped as inner and outer hearts.

Toy dustpan, ND

A kid-sized version of a cleaning tool that dust is swept into with a broom.


Silent Butler, 1893

Donated by Friends of Rancho Los Cerritos

This silver-plated hand-operated device was utilized to pick up crumbs and small debris from flat surfaces. 

The American Woman’s Home

The American Woman’s Home, 1869
Donated by Stephen C. Iverson

This book was written by Catharine Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe to educate women on all things related to the home. The American Woman’s Home supported the ideals emphasized in the Culture of True Womanhood.

* ND means no date or unknown date.