Table Case 2

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Chinese embroidered cloth caps, c. 1880

Embroidered shoes with cloth uppers and leather soles, c. 1880

Donated by Emily Fong

American-manufactured tangram puzzle with Chinese characters. The tangram puzzle originated in China; c. 1870s

Donated by Evelyn Scott

Tea box made of tinned metal, used for packaging and preserving tea; undated

Donated by Florence L. Bixby

Ginger jar, glazed ceramic with bamboo straps; c. 1880

Donated by Florence L. Bixby

Doll made of peanut shells, dressed in traditional Chinese clothing with painted face—reminiscent of stereotypical Chinese images popular in the 19th century. Made of 6 unshelled peanut shells.

Donated by Florence L. Bixby