Cosmetics Containers

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Makeup compact, ND
Donated by Sybil D. Hale

Makeup compact attached to a purse with a round metal top with metal mesh pouch. Inside the compact contains a mirror and powder puff, with one clasp opening the compact and the other opening the metal mesh purse. The initials “FL” are engraved on the top of the compact.

Makeup compact, ND

This small silver make-up case allowed the user to easily carry their make-up products from place to place. The case includes a small pink powder puff, held by a spring-operated arm; a small mirror; and coin slots for a dime and nickel.

Cosmetic Jar, 1870–1900
Donated by Friends of RLC

Cosmetic jar made of deep green translucent glass, featuring a hand painting on the lid with a small white-petaled flower outlined in gold, surrounded by smaller white flowers.

Cosmetic jar, 1870
Donated by Friends of RLC

Covered powder jar, part of a white porcelain set with hand-painted blue forget-me-not flowers. This object can be viewed in the master bedroom.

Cosmetic jar, ND
Donated by Stephen J. Grosscup

This jar, which most likely contained cosmetic powder, is made up of swirled glass and a metal top heavily embossed with a flower and cherub design.

Cosmetic jar, ND
Donated by the estate of Sarah Bixby Smith

Celluloid round box with lid, most likely used to contain rouge. The jar has a glass liner inside to protect the box from the product.

Puff box, 1886
Donated by Florence L. Bixby

Blue tin jar containing powder and handheld puff. On the lid reads “Poudre de Riz,” french for “rice powder,” and a painting of two birds. Rice powder was one of the many kinds of starch powders used for powdering the face to achieve a clear complexion.

Perfume bottle, ND
Donated by Juliana E. Schano

Glass urn-shaped bottle with silver bands and glass stopper under lid.

Pair of perfume bottles, ND

Two decorative vase-like bottles made of frosted glass, with frosted glass stoppers.