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Pink Powder Puff - Calliandra haematocephala

Pink Powder Puff – Calliandra haematocephala Location: Backyard & Orchard This large evergreen shrub can be espalier as seen on the Orchard wall or allowed to grow into a large shrub that almost attains a small tree stature as in the backyard. Follow the perimeter walkway to the back wall and these powder puffs of[…]

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pink cyclamen

Our recently replanted Pink Florist Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum), which is located in Rancho Los Cerritos’ backyard near our shade garden, is already in full color and brightening up the shady bed behind the Morton Bay Fig. We also have red and white varieties of Cyclamen, which will brighten up the shorter days of winter. Other[…]

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Arbutus unedo Strawberry tree

Arbutus unedo, commonly known as the Strawberry tree, is November’s plant of the moment. These trees are great for residential gardens, with evergreen foliage and dainty white urn-shaped pendulous flowers. Once pollinated, the strawberry tree bears ¾” fruit. The fruit is green when it first appears, then changes to yellow, orange and, eventually, red (hence the name).[…]

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