Free Concert on the Lawn: CALICO, The Band

CALICO, The Band is our featured artist for July’s Free Concert on the Lawn. They are a California band in the deepest, most natural sense of the term. Specifically, the moniker is shorthand for California country.

Terry Roland of No Depression said, of the band’s first album: “The Best of L.A.’s country past, present, and future clearly emerges from CALICO’s debut, Rancho California.

The sound of Under Blue Skies, the group’s sophomore record, is informed by the duo’s shared love of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Eagles, the Everly Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and, of course, the Beatles. Their songwriting touchstones include Joni Mitchell (whose “Ladies of the Canyon” they cover on the album), Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, The Band and Tom Petty. Manda Mosher and Kirsten Proffit feel so connected to this classic music that they’re able to bring it into the present tense and make it their own.

The partners are California natives with back stories so perfectly complementary they could’ve been scripted, the screenwriter inevitably rendering their predestined intersection as “second-generation hippie meets showbiz kid.” Proffit’s parents were nomadic hippies who roamed from Santa Cruz to Majorca, Spain, and back again with their little girl in tow. Mosher’s family on her mother’s side has been in California since the wagon-train era, while her grandfather was writer and creator of classic sitcoms including Leave It to Beaver and The Munsters. One key ingredient the two sets of parents had in common was their record collections, which shaped the two youngsters’ sensibilities in a profound and lasting way.

The site opens at 4:30 for pre-concert picnicking, with CALICO performing from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Guests can bring blankets or lawn chairs. Pets are not allowed. Learn more, RSVP, or invite your friends on our Facebook event page!