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Pittosporum virdiflorum – Cape Pittosporum

Pittosporum virdiflorum – Cape Pittosporum


  • Height: 25-35′ (90′ in forest)
  • Spread: 25-35′
  • Planted by: Cornell in 1931
  • Family: Pittosporaceae
  • Synonyms
    • Common Names: Cheesewood
    • Botanical Names:

Pittosporum virdiflorum – Cape PittosporumThis evergreen tree is moderate in size, often with a low branching structure; the bark is pale brown to grey with distinctive white lenticels (dots). The 8-9″ leaves are a dark green leathery and obovate with margins that curve under.

The foliage tends to occur most at the ends of the branches lending the tree a visible branch structure. That characteristic allows filtered sun to penetrate below the canopy. The early summer flowers are individually small ½” and are a creamy green. They are held in terminal clusters called panicles making them more visible. They have a faint fragrance but do not compare to more popular Pittosporums. The flowers are persistent on our specimen and it does not seem to set fruit.

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