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Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Palm

Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Palm


  • Height: 50′ >
  • Spread: 20-30′
  • Planted by: Cornell in 1931
  • Family: Palme
  • Synonyms
    • Common Names: Canary Date Palm
    • Botanical Names:

This is a robust dioecious palm with a solitary trunk with a trunk that can attain three feet in diameter. The rachis fronds can each get 20’ in length and arch slightly so the dense crown presents a plume effect. The trough shaped pinnae are green and are generally paired along the rachis. Individual rachis can sometimes be twisted but it does not detract from the appearance of the palm. The rachis also has sharp, stiff basal spines that are modified pinnae and can be several inches long. The small yellow flowers are on a long arching inflorescence that can be 5’ in length. This flower stalk tends to hang down the male flowers 3/8” and the female flowers somewhat larger. There is a single bract for each inflorescence and is can fall away separately from the flower stalk. If you have both a male and a female palm the female can produce an oblong fruit (drupe) that is yellow to ¾” by ½”reddish brown each with a single grooved seed.

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