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Jasminum mesnyi – Primrose Jasmine

Jasminum mesnyi – Primrose Jasmine


  • Height: 6-10’+
  • Spread: 6-10′
  • Planted by: Undocumented Prior to 1880s
  • Family: Oleaceae
  • Synonyms
    • Common Names: Japanese Jasmine, Yellow Jasmine
    • Botanical Names: J. primulinum

Jasminum mesnyi – Primrose JasmineAn evergreen arching shrub with long whip-like branches that cascade wonderfully if allowed the opportunity. Not a true vine but it will clamber over nearby plants or structures if planted close enough. The dark green, clean looking, opposite leaves has three segments that are lanceolate ending in a gentle taper. The flowers are solitary, an unusual characteristic in the jasmine genus. The bright lemon yellow color is displayed against the dark green foliage but produce minimal if any fragrance. The flower is made up of six lobes that form a tube the tube being longer than the “petals”.

The natural growth habit of the plant would be to form a mound, the scandent branches not sturdy enough to merit the “climber” status. The blooms occur upon the new growth so pruning should be stayed until after the spring. Should pruning be postponed new growth will cover up the older and in time create a hollow filled with shaded out dead wood, not the best regime to aspire too. At this point drastic measures need be employed, by cutting the whole down and starting anew.

A second style of maintenance is to espalier the plant hopefully allowing the flowers their season to shine.

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