What is Rancho Los Cerritos?

What is Rancho Los Cerritos?

After Rancho Los Cerritos’ adobe house and surrounding property was sold to the city of Long Beach in 1955, the city oversaw the day-to-day operations of the site. It was first managed by Library Development, and then moved to Parks, Recreation & Marine.

The city still owns the Rancho, but in 2013, the Rancho Los Cerritos Foundation assumed responsibility for managing the site.

Rancho Los Cerritos Foundation is a non-profit corporation with an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and it employs a small professional staff to oversee daily operations. Donations to the foundation support restoration and enhancement projects, physical and environmental improvements, and interpretive and educational programming.

The VISION of Rancho Los Cerritos is to inspire curiosity and respect for the past, to enrich understanding of the present, to develop excitement for the future, and to connect people with community, history, and culture.

The MISSION of Rancho Los Cerritos is to restore and preserve the structure and grounds; collect appropriate resources; and interpret the relationship of the Rancho’s diverse peoples, from Native American times through the 1940s and the development of the Long Beach area.